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Generation Upside Down!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Mission Urgent!

“The future is in the eyes of our youth. For good or for evil, youth reflect the future. In a few short years today’s youth will become tomorrow’s leaders. Today’s toddlers will become tomorrow’s policy makers.

Consumed with technology, this global generation can make ‘friends’ anywhere in the world through facebook and other social networking sites. They need mentors, role models and people who care.

(Children) are impressionable and they are looking for fulfillment that only Jesus Christ can give. That is why Good News Clubs and other meaningful children’s ministries are so critically important. These works literally shape the future – not just temporally, but eternally.

This generation is up for grabs. I cannot stress enough the urgency of reaching children ages 5 through 12 with the good news. The longer these children remain unreached, the more likely they are to slip through our grasp and into the hands of Satan, who would mold them into his image. Time is of the essence. Don’t despair. Don’t delay. Don’t be discouraged. Get energized and get moving to reach this generation for Christ.” – – Mat Staver, Founder & Chairman of Liberty Counsel

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